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Pictures Of Spider Bites On Humans

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Picture Of Brown Recluse Spider Bite
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Comments on spiderbitepictures.net

tiffany smith D says:    


what kind of spider bit me can you tell me please if you can ?

kira says:    


nice weard

savannah says:    


it is weard

debra says:    


What to do about a spider bite

Christa says:    


Picture # 18***

Christa says:    


Did you figure out what spider this was? I recently got bit and mine looks almost identical to this. Everyone tells me brown recluse. Dr said he doesn't know but put me on bactrim.

VinJan Smith says:    


I would seek medical attention. Brown recluse or wolf spider more than likely. Is the hand painful? My educated guess is that it wasn't a deadly spider like the black widow. But you do need to find out what is going on; and blood tests will help with that. Good luck and I will pray for your speedy recovery. Have a wonderful day.

stanley says:    


Angela=try moist,hot compresses and soaking your bite with hot water.

Stanley says:    


I have had a spider bite for the past 8-9 days and couldn't take the pain anymore. I went to a dermo doctor. He gave me some Doxycycline and cream to put on the bite. Feels like its better today but went from a bite to almost an emergency room visit within days. Nothing to fool around with. Go see a dermatologist asap and get help because not worth waiting.

Sissy says:    


I wasn't sure that i had been bit by a spider until today.I took the linens off of the bed and my husband said there was a spider.I was sick the previous week and thought i was suffering from a terrible cold,went to urgent care and a couple of days later had noticed a cyst-like bump about three inches below my navel.The following day the entire abdominal area was swollen,very hard and painful to touch.The redness was spreading to the genitalia area and i could barely sit down.Believe it or not,i allowed my husband to cut it open.Of course,he took precautions and carefully,drained it.It was disgusting!Once it started bleeding only,he cleaned it and we covered it.The next day,still not knowing exactly what this was,i drained it again.Even more DISGUSTING than before.I started researching cysts and in-grown hairs on the internet and treated this as such.This hole in my stomach did not look like any of the pictures i had seen,but i followed through with home remedies for cysts.I mixed a tsp.of salt with really warm water and washed it with a cotton ball after i got out of the shower.I then used acne medicine containing salicylic acid and placed it around the incision.I admit that i mixed it up a bit and did it my own way,but it is amazing!Anyway,i then put neosporin over the area,topped off with my own idea,and that was to put PRID salve all over,beneath the bandage.I assumed that it couldn't have made it any worse than it was.Good News...the infection has shrunk tremendously!I woke up with alot less pain and the swollen area has moved from about six inches in diameter to about three.I know it's not advisable to offer such advice,considering i am not a nurse or doctor,however,it is working for me and i thought maybe this would help you also.I will say that if this area continues to stay hard within the next 24 hours i will seek medical attention.I think antibiotics would help alot.Good luck to you!

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